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Radial ventilator RSU 630 - 1000

Radial ventilator RSU 630 - 1000


Standard TP 3005/03, TP 3005/09/2
Radial middle pressure, single side suction version
Sizes 630, 800, 1000
Transmission Directly
Implementation vertical, pin-downward motor version used for air transportation to be placed in the non-explosive conditions BNV (TP 3005/03)
  • used for air transportation to be placed in the non-explosive conditions ZONE 2 (TP 3005/09/2)

Standard version ventilator is used for transportation of clean or soft-dust containing air without abrasive particles and fibrous admixtures.

  • in the BNV conditions: everywhere, where it is with its parameters suitable
ZONE 2 -for suction from spraying cabins
  • Air volume flow rate Qv [m3s-1]: 1.35 - 5
  • Total pressure Δpcv [Pa]: 1230 - 1560
  • Air inlet temperature [°C]: -20 až +40



Product sheet

(czech language)

Qv [m3s-1]Δpcv [Pa]ρ
630-1 1.35 1400 1.2 KP 3005
630-2 1.8 1400
800-1 2.4 1560
800-2 3.6 1230
1000 5.0 1320