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Radial ventilator RVK 1600 - 2500

Radial ventilator RVK 1600 - 2500


Standard PP 12 3330
Radial high pressure, single side suction version
Sizes 1600, 2000, 2500
The rotor connected to a coupling
  • Standard
  • Armored
Usage Standard version ventilator is used for transportation of clean or soft-dust containing air. Armoured material version is used for transportation of air containing abrasive particles in the BNV conditions.
  • Air volume flow rate Qv [m3s-1]: 5.8 - 70
  • Total pressure Δpcv [Pa]: 1200 - 15000
  • Air temperature [°C]: -20 až +400

Ventilators are supplied in a standard version according to the manufacturer´s technical specification or in an A-TYPE version as per customer´s request

(stainless, gas-tight, non-explosive, soundproof - insulated types)



Product sheet

(czech language)

Qv [m3s-1]Δpcv [Pa]ρ
1600 5.8 - 36 1100 - 15000 1.2
KP 12 3330
2000 9.0 - 48 1200 - 11000
2500 15.0 - 70 1350 - 9300